Frequently Asked Questions at Dry Walling Johannesburg

How much will it cost me to repair my ceiling?

Depending on what it is you are intending to fix the ceiling we will have to look if you need an entire ceiling or just needs a repair patch to close the damaged part of the ceiling, only then we will be able to give a price. But you can visit our website and send a picture to us we can give you a quote online.

What types of services do you guys provide?

We specialize in the following types of services:

  • Repairing
  • Finishing
  • Painting
  • Mounting
  • Crown molding and installing
  • Custom shelving and Bookcases
  • Crown Molding and trim Painting
  • Picture hanging
  • Wainscoting Installation and repair

We a company that does dry wall installations, when we turn tough task to simple once, from removing old and damaged pieces to installing new drywalls we handle everything from start to finish till we hear our customers say they are happy with the job.

What other dry walling installations do you guys offers?

We offer dry wall installations such as sheetrock, green board, gypsum and stucco installations, drywall hanging (including ceiling installation), drywall mudding and taping, painting and finishing touches.

How long does it take you guys to drywall a whole house?

Depending on the type of house we are requested to drywall but usually if it’s not a big home it might take us a two weeks and half to finish depending on the hands on deck for the project.